Circus Liquor Clown in Los Angeles, California

Circus Liquor is a regular San Fernando Valley liquor store that is set apart by the 32-foot-tall clown who watches over the adjacent intersection with a decidedly creepy expression on his face. Perhaps it’s the two crosses he has for eyes or his fixed, maniacal grin, but he seems to be enticing you to buy some booze and get up to no good.

Now a Los Angeles landmark, this neon sign dates from the 1960s and has become a local landmark. The clown, which is nicknamed “Valley,” has been featured in various films and television series including Clueless (remember the scene where Cher Horowitz is left by her date in a parking lot and gets robbed?) and Californication. As a result, the clown has developed a cult following and some fans have even had him tattooed on their bodies.

If you don’t fancy a tattoo, Circus Liquor sells merch, including T-shirts featuring their friendly fellow.



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