You’ve Bought Some Capri Pants, Now What? Here Are 5 Jackets They’ll Look Great With

There’s no getting away from it—capri pants are shaping up to be the biggest trouser trend of the summer. Now, I understand you may be hesitant to try them, especially considering wide-leg trousers have been at the centre of fashion for so long, but I’m here to tell you that you needn’t be. Styling them might seem tricky on the surface, but I’ve put hours of research in and can tell you with confidence that styling these capri pants is easier than you might have thought. If you’re stuck for shoe pairings, I’ve already chronicled all the styles that work best. However, the next best place to start is with a jacket.

Now, I know temperartures are starting to heat up, but need I remind you, this is Britain, and jackets are still pretty essential throughout the summer months. Just look at this past week, which has been much colder than it was a mere seven days ago. After looking through what feels like hundreds of capri pants outfits, I came to realise my favourites all involved a chic jacket.