Your guide to the LAUSD District 7 school board primary election

Age: 39

Occupation: LAUSD school board member.

Political party: Democratic

Experience: Before her election to the school board in 2020, Franklin was a senior administrator at Partnership for L.A. Schools, a nonprofit that manages 20 schools with 13,500 students on behalf of L.A. Unified. She was an L.A. Unified middle school teacher from 2005 to 2010. She has a 1-year-old daughter.

Priorities: Getting more students prepared to “thrive in the college, career and life of their choice.” Helping “students to thrive in the classroom and employees to thrive in their work. … With the ending of COVID relief dollars, declining enrollment and a structural deficit, we must make sure all budget decisions are student-centered.” With the adoption of a “coherent strategic plan” and tools to monitor progress, “we can now understand in real time where students are meeting or missing academic standards. From here, we must ensure … that educators have the skills and support to teach, intervene and accelerate student learning.”

On Supt. Carvalho: “He is rightly improving the conditions needed to improve student outcomes: a coherent instructional approach, common assessment suite, settled labor contracts, more efficient systems, the beginnings of capital planning, proactive public communication and more. We can improve together in collaborating meaningfully with families, unions and partners and discussing real budgetary trade-offs.”

Accomplishments: Policies that she created or advocated for, she says, resulted “in significantly improved school conditions for students in grading, internet access, arts equity and more. With my board colleagues, I hired a new superintendent, approved a districtwide assessment platform and approved labor contracts with raises up to 30%. I also advocated for increased funding at the state and federal levels.”

Charter schools: Franklin has concerns about elements of a new district policy that would restrict the sharing of campuses with charter schools, but noted that the rules are not yet in final form. “Charter schools can accelerate student achievement by implementing innovations, extending learning time and being more responsive to their communities in ways that are sometimes difficult for LAUSD. In a time of fiscal instability, I’m unlikely to approve new charter applications, but I will support renewing effective charters and sharing public school facility space fairly for all students.”

School police: Franklin has been the strongest voice on the Board of Education for eliminating school police. “When we are forced to make difficult budget decisions next year, I will prioritize spending public education dollars not on law enforcement but on school- and community-based approaches such as mental health, restorative justice, and safe passages” to and from campuses.

Quote: Enrollment has “shrunk so much and yet our staff has increased, particularly with the COVID dollars. So, people sometimes hear the story of ‘we’re spending more than we’re taking in,’ but they don’t believe that there’s any real consequence to that, because we’ve been able to get out of it for the last handful of years. That’s not healthy for the long term. … I am in favor of putting everything out there now as soon as possible. And it’s not that we have to make all the hard decisions this June, but we should start to engage in what are those real choices that would set us up for long-term vitality.”


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