Wait, You're *Not* Using This Shine-Inducing Oil for Hair Growth?

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IMHO, jojoba oil doesn’t receive nearly enough hype. Argan tends to receive the lion’s share of attention in the natural hair oil space (for a good reason—it’s liquid gold for dull strands), but I implore you to reconsider jojoba as your number one pick. It enhances shine! It provides silicone-like slip! It helps speed hair growth! Not to mention it’s widely available at the drugstore—it’s so common, in fact, that there’s a 90% chance you’re already using jojoba in your haircare routine one way or another.

For the uninitiated, I highly suggest taking a peek at the guide below, in which a certified trichologist and celebrity hairstylist provide all the expert intel you need, plus product recommendations for your shiniest, healthiest tresses yet.

Jojoba Benefits for Hair

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