Trainer Trends Can Be Fleeting—17 Classic Pairs That Will Stand the Test of Time

Over the years, trainers have had a shift from a solely sportswear staple into the everyday. Every few seasons particular styles and brands emerge as frontrunners, we see a new style come to the fore, from New Balance’s beloved 550s to Adidas’s recent Samba’s which hit extreme heights last year. Whilst there are those who are all about exploring the latest trending styles and colours, for those who are looking for an anti-trend trainer selection it can be hard to know where to start. Well I’ve got the answer, it’s right here.

Woman sits on floor wearing beige blazer, white linen trousers and trainers

No longer reserved for sportswear, the trainer became a capsule wardrobe hero that you’ll find in almost every shoe collection around. Even over the past few years, these shoes have diversified further, as once reserved solely for tracksuits and denim, now fashion people embrace trainers in their tailored looks and even with floaty summer dresses. Where once the click-clack of heels was white noise within an office, now many make their daily commute in a pair of rubber soled kicks, without having to do the awkward footwear swap before entering the building.

Woman wears black blazer, t-shirt, white trousers and converse

Outside of the trending ferocious red styles, and waiting-list shoes like Wales Bonner collaborations, sit the anti-trend trainers. Styles which haven’t made their way into the mass mainstream, and therefore remain somewhat under the radar. What makes these pairs special is that you won’t spot them on everyone around, and in turn the adoration for the styles won’t move along quickly. They consist of longstanding classics, like the Converser All-Stars that have over a century of heritage and still feel fresh today. There’s also understated styles from high-designer brands and well-known names which take a pared-back approach, ensuring they remain despite the moving trends. Finally, there’s new names on the block, offering up a mix of chic trainers and retro silhouettes sure to compliment any outfit. And to make things even easier, I’ve curated a refined edit of the very best anti-trend trainers below.