TOTO Toilet Museum in Kitakyushu, Japan

Behold, the magnificent TOTO toilet.

Perhaps no other brand of toilet inspired the level of enthusiasm—or indeed, any enthusiasm at all—as the TOTO, Japan’s first Western-style flush toilet, which was developed in 1914. Although these porcelain thrones were initially intended to imitate their international counterparts, they soon surpassed them. In 1980, the company debuted the Washlet, effectively an integrated bidet feature. Other luxuries, such as a heated seat, followed. 

The TOTO Toilet Museum is a love letter to the Japanese toilet, including the history, technology and possible future of these highly utilitarian technological marvels. It was built to celebrate the TOTO company’s centennial. Visitors can learn all about TOTO’s toilets, from the evolution from squatting toilets to what may come next in the world of toilet technology. 

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