This '90s Accessory Always Makes My Holiday Outfits Look More Polished and Stylish

It’s true, summer trends tend to be more fleeting and flash-in-the-pan compared to any other season. The reason for this is mainly because the British summer is so short and the time most of us will spend in warmer countries is limited, sp it never feels like we’re able to enjoy of the full lifespan of big summer trends. This is why I also think people generally tend to be unsure about what’s still in fashion whenever summer rolls around again. Are the pieces you bought last year still relevant? If you read about them on Who What Wear then I’d tend say they are, for we never bring a trend to your attention flippantly. However, there is one question people keep asking me this summer in particular, and that’s if sarongs are still in style for summer 2024. So, I thought I’d answer it once and for all!

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Short answer: Yes!