Thiba Palace in Ratnagiri, India

The coastal city of Ratnagiri is home to beautiful beaches, temples, forts, and many fascinating places of historical and cultural importance. One such place is a grand old palace from a bygone era. 

Thiba Palace or Thibaw Palace was constructed in 1910 by the British for the house arrest of King Thibaw of Myanmar (then Burma) and his family. In November 1885 during the third Anglo-Burmese War, the British defeated the king. After, the British exiled him and his family to Chennai (then Madras) and later to Ratnagiri.

The palace was built for the confinement of the king and his family. During its construction, the king was allowed to visit the site. Hence the palace has both British as well as Burmese architecture.

The three-floor palace stands within the sprawling grounds spread over 20 acres. The red-colored palace has beautiful semi circular windows and wide airy corridors. On the first floor is a dance hall with marble flooring. In the gardens, one can find a few old cannons.

Today, the palace houses a museum that displays some of the king’s possessions. One artifact was a statue of Buddha. It was brought to India by the king.

King Thibaw lived here from 1910 till his death in 1916. The palace tells the story of the last king of Myanmar and takes visitors back in time.

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