These Are the Things I Wore the Most and Least on My 3-Week Trip to Europe

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I have this habit of always extending my travels, which I think is one of the most delightful things one can do. The rush of extending a trip you don’t want to end is pure joy—but, to be fair, quite annoying for my husband. In my most recent test of his easygoingness, I extended our honeymoon (for me, at least) since my sister ended up in Europe for work, and it would have been criminal not to keep her company.

When Jake flew back to New York, he kindly offered to take some things home for me that barely left the hangers of our hotel rooms. Per usual, it was just a handful of simple summer items that thrived on our trip, plus a few punchy, fun things that actually ended up being surprising wearable. I was left with the most ideal little wardrobe that I was perfectly happy wearing on repeat for the rest of my time in Spain and London. From some impulse-purchased sandals to the personality jewelry (it’s a thing!) that I just didn’t get sick of, here are the champion items of my trip.

Kept: Summer Jewelry

Sent Home: Handbag Options

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