These 5 NYC Ladies Are the Queens of Personal Style in My Book

Chloe Sevigny outfit

Spend any single day on the streets of NYC and you’re bound to spot not just one, but a myriad of people who could qualify as the most stylish New Yorkers. In SOHO, you’ll spot women dressed up as if every day is a special occasion. On the Lower East Side, sit at a sidewalk cafe and do a little people watching—the area is abound with twenty-somethings in the next emerging designers. Personally, outfit-spotting is one of my favorite parts about living in the city. As a Brooklyn resident, when I’m grabbing coffee on the weekends, the go-to look is something a little bit more casual, fashionable, but with an effortlessness. Now, a decade into my tenure, there are five women in particular who I find myself drawn to for their personal style.

They’re the quintessential New York icon, Chloe Sevigny, on my list, but I’ve also scouted women who may be a little bit less on the radar, for now including fashion industry peers like Vogue’s Naomi Elizée. While each woman’s style is unique, what makes all of them remarkable is their commitment to having fun with getting dressed. Whether it be via bold colors, fun prints, or simply embracing quirky designers, I’m inspired by the way that each shapes clothing into a thoughtful, evolved personal style. Discover each of them below, and shop pieces inspired by their looks.

a woman in a blue jacket

Ella Emhoff