The Under-The-Radar Handbag Fashion People and Editors Can't Stop Carrying

Handbags have a special place in my heart. Be they high-designer styles that I’ve saved up to purchase, or high-street gems that I’ve come across along my travels, this accessory is my Achilles heel. In having such adoration for them and coming into contact with them everyday as part of my job, I’ve been up close and personal with some of the rarest icons as well as the new trending styles, making me harder to impress than most. So when I come to share a new bag stealing fashion people’s hearts, it’s worth taking note. I first came across Reformation’s Vittoria bag when it first released, and quickly noticed that it was making it’s way onto the arms of fashion insiders and our editors alike. And trust me, it’s easy to see why.

Woman wears white linen trousers and carries yellow handbag

The brilliance of Reformation is that it can’t just be limited to one category. Yes, it broke through with an array of beautiful dresses in interesting cuts and easy-to-love designs, but has since become synonymous with reliable tailoring, excellent denim, chic footwear and now, swoon-worthy handbags. Entering the handbag arena, Reformation currently has 5 distinct styles, but the Vittoria currently has all my attention.

Woman wears a yellow dress and carries yellow handbag

True to form, Reformation has taken a considered approach to the design. The tote silhouette adds function alongside form, making it a more worthy investment with the practical sizing. As ever, the brand has considered that we all have personal preferences in our wardrobes, and the Vittoria comes in three sizes allowing us to decide which roomy style suits our needs. Yes, there’s even an oversized style for those who carry everything and the kitchen sink. Inside, you’ll find a zip pocket to store essentials and a cardholder slot to keep these close to hand. The flat base maintains the overall structure of the bag, whilst the single handle and soft leather add a relaxed ease that makes this bag suitable for running to the shops, or adding to an elegant evening look. The single strap follows the refined shape, with a slight curve as the bag’s body leads into the straps, which adds that design flair that Reformation does so well. Finally, the Vittoria is topped with a coquette bow in a thin leather that keeps the refinement of the bag, whilst adding a touch of playfulness.