The Results Are in: Skin Experts Say These Are the Only Night Creams Worth Using

As a beauty editor, it’s not a surprise that my bathroom cabinet is embarrassingly well-stocked with skincare. But during a recent edit of my overflowing stash, I noticed that one category of products was pretty much non-existent—night creams. While there was a time that I had once used them religiously, in recent years I’ve found myself looking past the marketing spiel and picking out evening moisturisers based on how I want my skin to look come morning. If it’s texture and lines that I want to target, I’ll use a retinol moisturiser, if I want to tackle pigmentation or boost glow then I’ll reach for a vitamin c-infused formula, or if my skin just needs a big drink of hydration then I’ll seek out hyaluronic acid or peptide creams. But, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder if my skincare routine was missing a trick.

Now that I’m approaching my mid-30s, I definitely think that my evening skincare routine could be working even harder for me—and perhaps the added efficacy lies in a night cream.

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