The Elevate Indoor/Outdoor Work Height System Bolsters Productivity With Support

There’s no doubt that comfort levels affect productivity. Forward-thinking brands with an eye on functional innovation are ahead of the game, designing specifically for environments that require flexibility and a high level of support for well-being. Ideally, these spaces would also help propel creativity forward, and it surely wouldn’t hurt if they were usable outdoors. SIXINCH USA, alongside Populous, introduced the Elevate indoor/outdoor work height system with all of the above in mind and then some, including ADA-compliant tables.

Outdoor seating area with moderm modern furniture, including blue and purple sofas with integrated planters, round tables, and gray chairs.

Prior to Elevate hitting the market, a decision often had to be made between accommodating a dining area or a lounge space. Dining furniture isn’t somewhere you’d likely want to sit and work for hours due to the lack of long-term comfort, and a lounge is typically set too low for good posture. Elevate, and its various height modular seating system solve these problems, bringing with them a simple, modern aesthetic that works with any space.

Aerial view of an airport lounge with curved orange modular seating with green plants. The area is surrounded by grey flooring and scattered black and white suitcases.

“Climate change and recent pandemic experiences have increased our desire for fresh air and shown us how vital it is,” said Adam Stover, Senior Principal at Populous. “In response, outdoor work areas have become more common, serving a secondary need for flexible workspace as organizations manage to change expectations and understand new needs for their students, their workforces, and their guests.”

A collection of modular furniture pieces including curved and straight benches, chairs, small and large tables, and a planter, arranged in a grid layout.

Trends revealed over recent years agree, with residential spaces heavily influencing commercial designs. We want casual, familiar experiences that are conducive to both work and relaxation, all in the same package. The modularity of Elevate caters to all of these requirements through its structured seating, arm rests, table, drink rail, and planter – 28 components total.

Modern office lounge area with a modular curved white couch, round black table, and plants. The wall features a screen with the text "sixinch." Light wood accents and a large potted plant are also present.

The base of the system is the seating, a biocide foam and marine-grade MDF-wrapped upholstered wood frame that allows Elevate to be weather-ready. Along those same lines, the tables feature a powder-coated MDF top and metal base. Add power to Elevate the left hand, right hand, or both sides of your setup via an arm rest or table.

Detail of modular red sofa.

Elevate is available in a wide range of upholstery options that span more than a dozen brands, including Anzea, Camira, Carnegie, C.F. Stinson, EnviroLeather, Gabriel, KB Contract, Maharam, Mayer, Momentum, Pallas Textiles, Ultrafabrics, and Unika Vaev. It’s safe to say that this indoor/outdoor work system can deliver exactly what you’re looking for to create a supportive, productive environment.

Modern office lounge with curved green modular sofa, orange and gray ottomans, small round tables, and a staircase. Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal cityscape in the background.

A modular blue modern sofa with a backrest that extends to form a narrow horizontal surface behind it.

A modular sofa with yellow, white, and beige cushions, surrounded by a black metal frame.

Two modern brown modular chairs positioned back-to-back on a white circular platform.

A modern modular table set with two green cushioned bench seats and two green cushioned chairs, all with black metal frames.

A leafy green plant in a minimalist, rectangular gray planter.

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