Structures Shines Through With Outline Outdoor Luminaires

Landscape Forms launches a fresh take on outdoor task lighting with the Outline family of modern luminaires including column lights, path lights, and bollards. Designed specifically for urban environments, the three-model release can be used for performance lighting, wayfinding, and architectural detailing. Define public spaces such as parks, educational campuses, downtown sidewalks, and more while adding overall visual interest and clarity to whatever public outdoor space is outfitted.

Three modern, cylindrical lamps emit a warm glow in a dimly lit space, creating patterns of light on the floor.

Outline offers designers a chance make bold and dramatic choices while keeping concepts refined, elegant, and useful. Each of the offerings – 12′ and 10′ column lights, a 4’ path light, and a 4’ bollard available lit or unlit – feature three sculptural arms drawn upward from the base to create vertical segments of striking illumination within the negative space. Further down the neck, each luminaire’s transition between its base and the ground is smooth and firmly anchored without a cover.

Three modern, cylindrical lamps of varying heights on a neutral background.

Outline’s light source sits up high within its body, casting a downward glow when lit, which produces interesting pattern play on the ground by mixing its own illumination, structural form, shadows, and the immediate surroundings. This element of design eliminates high-angle glare on the tall, precise pedestrian column lights, effortlessly helping guide people to their destinations. Meanwhile, the path light features a directed optic design for better visibility and increased awareness and safety. Outline’s 4′ bollard provides the additional possibility of employing the design as a structural element or to help define spatial boundaries. Create a cluster using the three models together for a result akin to an art installation.

A modern lamp emits soft light in a dark room, casting shadows in a radial pattern. The lamp features a slim, cylindrical design.

A person walks past two tall, modern, black lamps in a dimly lit setting.

A woman with long hair sits reading a book in a dimly lit room. A tall, cylindrical lamp illuminates the scene.

All three luminaires serve to extend the amount of time that can be comfortably spent outdoors, and they’re DarkSky Approved for our avian friends. However you choose to use Outline, know that it’s meticulously crafted, approachable, and ready for just about any urban environment that could use utility with a modern touch.

Close-up of a modern black lamp with a cylindrical design, featuring an illuminated light source at the top.

Close-up of a modern black lamp with a cylindrical design, featuring an illuminated light source at the top.

Modern outdoor lamp installed near a concrete wall, casting shadows from natural light.

A person wearing a green shirt and a backpack rides a bicycle past a wooden wall with striped shadows and a black pol light.

People walk by modern glass buildings. The sidewalk is lined with tall, slim black light posts.

Tall, modern outdoor lamp post with a cylindrical light fixture, illuminated against a reflective glass building background.

A modern streetlight illuminates a pathway in front of a glass-front building at dusk, with a purple and pink sky in the background.

Three modern, cylindrical outdoor lights illuminate a pathway in front of a large glass building at night.

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