St. Vincent Isn't Wasting Any Time With Her Latest Album

We don’t throw around the word “genius” lightly, so when we say Annie Clark, known professionally as St. Vincent, is a genius, we damn well mean it. First and foremost, the critically acclaimed, Grammy-winning artist is a masterful guitar player who has played for the likes of Sufjan Stevens and The Chemical Brothers in addition to crafting her own adventurous sound and effectively inspiring a new generation of alt-rock music. She even created her own signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar. Not just that, Clark is also an incredible songwriter—she co-wrote Taylor Swift’s megahit “Cruel Summer” and collaborated on Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album—producer, and vocalist who consistently pushes the boundaries with each record. With the release of her self-produced seventh studio album, All Born Screaming, this month, she proves there isn’t anywhere she can’t go musically.

All Born Screaming just might be Clark’s most raw and primal album yet. An exploration of life’s trials and tribulations and how loss and grief can put what really matters into perspective, the 10-track record is an emotionally charged journey through hell that ultimately finds a light at the end of the tunnel. With her rip-roaring first single “Broken Man,” Clark sets the stage for the record and effectively tells the world she isn’t fucking around with this one. Accompanied by a new austere look that teeters on the uncomfortable, Clark enters a new era, and we’re here for it.

Annie Clarke, aka St. Vincent, sits at table in white short sleeve sweater and black sheer gloves next to large orange flower.

(Image credit: Alex Da Corte)

All Born Screaming is your seventh studio album. How does this collection of songs reflect where you are as an artist and personally?