Solciety’s presale surpasses $700k in two weeks as PolitiFi coins attract investors

Key takeaways

  • Solciety has raised over $700k in two weeks as more investors enter the project.
  • PolitiFi coins are gaining traction amongst investors ahead of the United States presidential elections in November.

What is Solciety?

The cryptocurrency market has been in a bearish mode this week, with the prices of most coins and tokens down by more than 5%. However, that hasn’t dampened investments in new crypto projects, especially those in the PolitiFi space.

One project that is attracting investors is Solciety. It is a meme coin that seeks to become a leader in the PolitiFi meme ecosystem. Solciety intends to become the very first political party of degens.

Per the development team, the meme coin is pegged to the only real-world currency: attention. With Solciety, users would have a platform dedicated to spreading the degen gospel across the Twitterverse. 

Solciety to enable users to create meme coins

Meme coins have become an important part of the crypto ecosystem. Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Dogwifhat, Bonk, and Pepe are some of the highest-ranking cryptocurrencies and they are all meme coins. 

Solciety wants to join this rank by providing utility to investors. It will offer the Meme Campaigner, a tool that allows users to create their own meme coins. With the Meme Campaigner, users will have access to over 200 traits, backgrounds, and fonts.

The tool would enable users to create and share memes on Twitter to earn points. Users will earn one point for every meme shared, the points will be collected and the top ten users will earn presale tokens.

According to the development team, some of the funds raised via the presale will be used to develop new tools such as Solciety’s AR. The Augmented Reality tool will allow users to view their weird and wonderful meme creations layered over the real world.

Solciety will also develop its AI tool and intends to launch it in the first quarter of next year. The AI tool will make it possible for natural language programming to autogenerate captions and translate memes into other languages. Thus, easing the meme creation process for users.

Solciety’s presale surpasses $700k

The Solciety presale is less than two weeks old and has already crossed an important milestone. So far, the presale has raised $722,954. This represents almost a 100% surge in less than a week. 

Early investors enjoyed a heavily discounted price of $0.000963 in the first stage. The presale is currently in its fourth stage, with the SCLTY token going for $0.002222. The SLCTY token’s price will increase every 72 hours, with early investors enjoying a 125% increase in price before the presale ends. 

The team has allocated 30% of its tokens to presale investors, with a total of 3 billion tokens available for presale. 20% of the total token supply has been allocated to marketing and 10% to community rewards and incentive programs. Upon launch, liquidity will account for 17% of the total supply. 

Is buying the SLCTY token now a wise investment?

Historically, purchasing coins during presale is one of the best forms of investment in the crypto space. Solana was sold for $0.22 during its presale in 2018 and has gone on to deliver thousands of percentages over the last six years.

Solciety’s presale could be the only time investors can purchase the tokens at a discount. The coin is launching on Solana, which is now home to some of the crypto ecosystem’s leading meme coins and DeFi protocols thanks to its transaction speed, security, and transparency.

Solciety could also become a leading PolitiFi coin as investors pay attention to the upcoming presidential election in the United States. In terms of utility, Solciety is exciting thanks to its ability to allow users to create their meme tokens and share them on social media platforms. Its native SCLTY token could become a leading meme coin with the right level of adoption.

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