See the World’s Deepest Hotel—Where Getting There Is Half the Adventure

Hard hats, flashlights, and hiking boots aren’t the type of toiletries one is used to receiving at their overnight accommodations, but visiting the world’s deepest hotel isn’t your usual retreat. Known as the Deep Sleep, the property is located in Snowdonia, Wales, at the base of an abandoned slate mine, reports CBS. The vacation experience is among the most evident tangible examples of the old maxim, the journey is more important than the destination.

Person ziplining in a cave

Traveling through the mine takes about an hour.

Photo: Courtesy of Go Below Underground Adventure

When guests arrive, they’re given all the equipment necessary to travel to their cabins, which are roughly 1,400-feet underground. The trip is operated by the mine exploration company Go Below Underground Adventure. A guide leads them through the massive pit, which goes for miles in a series of maze-like tunnels created by miners over 200 years. To get to the bottom, visitors climb through caverns, journey through tunnels, and even zip line at times. The whole descent takes about an hour, according to the company.

collection of cabins in a mine

The camp includes electric lighting, cabins, and even Wi-Fi.

Photo: Courtesy of Go Below Underground Adventure

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