Nicola Coughlan Cosigns The Cult-Favorite Moisturizer That’s “So Good Under Makeup”

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(Image credit: Netflix)

Soft, romantic makeup is trending, and there’s a 99% chance it’s due to the ethereal glam seen on season three of Bridgerton. If you haven’t yet feasted on the cinematic eye candy that is the Bridgerton beauty looks, I’ll save you a search: Members of the ton have been sporting fluttery, wispy lashes, perfectly blotted lips, blooming cheeks, and, of course, impossibly dewy skin.

The latter is basically the hallmark of the third season. Take it from Penelope Featherington herself! Everyone is damn glowy,” Nicola Coughlan says of her time on set during an installment of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. “Jessie Deol, who did my makeup this season, would make my skin glow in a way that I can never do.”