Mom tells guests to bring $5 to kid’s birthday party instead of gifts—to fund backyard renovation

A kid’s first birthday party can literally be anything a parent wants it to be because your child won’t remember it anyway.

One mom’s video is making the rounds because of her ideas for her child’s birthday party. The internet is split over whether it’s genius or not so great.

The mom of two captions her video, “Unusual things I’m doing at my daughter’s first birthday party,” which is pretty apt once you hear the rest of the video!

“It’s an hour and a half long. I literally put 9:30 am to 11 am on the invitation…please leave my house, my child needs to nap,” she says.

“Anybody who’s coming to a 1-year-old‘s birthday party is already up at 9:30 a.m. or they can suck it up for one day,” she adds.

She emphasizes that it’s going to be a “very ’90s vibe birthday party.” That includes no meal at 9:30 in the morning. She says guests should have breakfast at home because there will only be snacks at the party.

Do you remember ’90s birthday parties? They definitely weren’t the scheduled-by-the-minute birthday parties that are popular nowadays. This mom is going back to the days of yore with a party that doesn’t include games (or party favors or game-winning gifts!). She says there will be a ball pit, a trampoline and some toys for the kiddos to play with.

Oh, and, no gifts for the birthday girl either! “I specifically, very clearly put on the invitations, ‘Please do not bring gifts,’” she shares. “I said, ‘If you feel inclined to bring something, consider $5 because we’re trying to remodel—like redo our backyard. We need to resod. Our backyard is a train wreck.’”

There are plenty of parents who would love this simplified version of a kid’s birthday party and they were fully supportive in the comments.

“Oooo the 9am start is soo smart!! Going to have to steal this for my baby’s birthday”

“Honestly the time though is 10/10 I cannot stand when parties are right at naptime”

But not everyone was equally excited.

“Call it what it is, yard go fund me,” 

“This sounds horrible”

“Yes don’t bring a gift for the birthday girl but contribute towards our home reno….oh and screw a cake”

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