Mom perfectly nails how impossible it is to be a working mom with kids in sports

Being a working mom is a demanding job in itself, but add to that the whirlwind of after-school sports and activities, and you’ve got a full-blown juggling act on your hands. It’s a challenge many mothers across the globe face, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The daily routine of a working mom with kids who participate in All The Sports often resembles a well-choreographed dance. From the moment the school bell rings, it’s a race against the clock. The rush begins as you dash from your workplace, praying traffic is on your side, just to make it in time for soccer practice, ballet, or piano lessons.

And sometimes, it’s not choreographed at all. It’s pure chaos. Because we’re human, we’re busy, most of us have no help or village to speak of, and we’re all so very tired.

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Mo, a popular TikTok mom of the account @rexandmo, brilliantly nails the realities (and immense difficulties) of being a working mom with kids in sports and other after-school activities.

“Being a working mom with children that have extracurricular activities is unrealistic and just… It is so hard,” she says. “It just doesn’t even make sense. It feels unsustainable. Like, how long am I going to be able to do this? I don’t know. I’m going to work. I’m getting off work. I gotta round everybody up. I got a school-aged child. I got babies at daycare.”


S/O to my husband cause he work too & coaches but when i get home these HIS KIDS 😂😂😂 #rexandmo #fyp

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Not to mention for those of us with young kids in sports, the mental burden is ours to bear because we have to remember All The Things for kids who participate in All The Sports. In addition to working, momming, keeping up on school stuff, and everything else.

“I got to make sure I got his stuff for football. I got to make sure I got their snacks. I got to make sure I got a portable potty … When I’m done doing that, sitting there trying to entertain the little ones while the big one is practicing, I then have to go home, wash everybody up, feed everybody, get everybody down for sleep, and do it again the next day.”

“I see why people stay at home. Yeah, I do. I see why because if not, your kids are now eating McDonald’s and Hamburger Helper pretty much every day. This is absolutely crazy … But it’s all for them,” she jokes with a smile. “All for them. I love them. And I wouldn’t trade them for nothing.”

Her words resonated with many, MANY TikTokkers:

“…and people wonder why I want a nice car…I live in it.”

“12 hour shifts with 3 in competitive cheer. I’m tired!”

“Literally this morning I was doing the numbers figuring out if I can afford a part time nanny to take them to all this stuff 😭😭😭 it’s impossible!!”

“Single working mom here . 3 kids on 5 different sport teams at one time, year round. I’m exhausted.”

“It’s so hard!! During baseball season, I had to request PTO at least once a week to get to games.”

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Despite these all of these extremely relatable challenges, being a working mom with sports-involved kids also brings immense rewards. It teaches your children about dedication, teamwork, and discipline. It shows them that you value their interests and are willing to go the extra mile to support them.

It also reminds you of your own resilience. You learn to adapt, prioritize, and multitask like a pro. You discover that love knows no bounds, and that even on the craziest days, when you’re running on fumes, seeing your child’s face light up on the field or stage makes it all worthwhile.

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