Mom hilariously reveals pregnancy to parents at Texas Roadhouse—and it’s adorable

Marissa Mero, a mom on TikTok, shared an adorable and hilarious video of telling her parents she was pregnant by hiding an ultrasound photo inside of a menu at Texas Roadhouse. The family was on vacation with Mero, her husband, and her 6-month-old son. 

As the family sat down to look at their menus, Grandma exclaimed, “Oh! What the hell? Someone forgot their baby picture.” Mero and her husband shouted, “What?!” acting totally perplexed. Mero said, “That’s weird, is there a name on it or something?”

Grandma read out loud, “Marissa Mero…WHAT?!” as Grandpa takes the photograph from her. While Grandma is still in disbelief and asking, “What?” over and over, Grandpa’s smile could light up the room. His giggles are simply the best. “Really? Wow!” Grandpa said as Grandma puts her head in her hands.

“Good news!” Grandpa yelled, while Grandma was still trying to recover. 

“What the hell?” Grandma asked, laughing. “You guys…you’re gonna have to move in with me.” And the video abruptly stopped.

Mero is pretty clever and cute with her pregnancy announcements for everyone in the family, as evidenced by her prior video sharing pregnancy news with her husband in the car for their first child.

She asked him to cover his eyes and take off his hat. Then she asked him to hold out his hands, and she put a new hat in his hands that said, “Daddy.” on it. When he opened his eyes and saw the new hat, he cried and yelled, “Oh my god, babe, no way!” as Mero shows him the pregnancy test she took that morning.  

“I gotta tuck my shirt in now,” her husband exclaimed as he put on his hat. When Mero told her husband she was four weeks along, he asked, “Is that the time we did it two times in one day?”

One fan of Mero’s commented on this video and said, “After all you have been through…my heart grew three sizes watching this. Love seeing you this happy! Congratulations!”

According to this comment, it appears as though Mero’s journey to pregnancy may have been a long one, so how wonderful she gets to share this news in such a fun and adorable way—both times. 

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