Mick Jagger's Urinal in San Diego, California

Established in 1885, Tivoli Bar and Grill is the Gaslamp District’s oldest and possibly most colorful bar. During its years of operation, the San Diego institution has featured both an upstair brothel and a basement speakeasy. The joint was originally assembled in Boston, then schlepped around the tip of Cape Horn to the opposite coast via ship. Traces of its storied history can be glimpsed throughout the premises, but to find the most curious of the bunch, you’ll have to pay a visit to the gender-neutral restroom. 

A golden plaque declares proudly, “Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones used this urinal at the time of their concert at Petco Park 11/11/2005.” Said enshrined urinal is ringed in a set of Kali-esque red lips and often has a second sign asking guests to please respect the frontman’s urinal.



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