Laura Harrier Wore the Uncomplicated Sandals I Just Picked Up at M&S for £15

Summer’s sun is finally glaring down, and many of us are beginning to feel a little frazzled in the face of rising temperatures. Laura Harrier, however, has taken the warm weather in her stride and has been styling an enviable rotation of summer classics and rising trends over the past few weeks.

Taking to Marseille, France last week, the actor stuck to a warm weather wardrobe full of hero buys that she could rely on across her holidays. As with any trip abroad, you’re almost guaranteed to do more walking than normal and thus flat shoes are a must. And on Harrier’s radar (and feet) was one very sophisticated looking sandal.

We all know that flip flops are considered a summertime staple but what’s interesting is that, for 2024, we’re seeing more elevated flip flops than ever before. By “elevated” I mean more premium options than the rubber and foam we’re used to. Now, it’s all about leather pairs (be they vegan or real) and, in place of the chunky straps that are normally found on flip flops, we’re seeing daintier, thiner styles come to the fore. Naturally, it was the elegant flip flop that caught Harrier’s attention, but also my own.

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Like so many cult pieces this year, the elevated flip flop can be chartered back to The Row, whose £860 leather pairs have been cropping up on countless celebrities this summer (although I’m yet to see any confirmation, I have a suspicion that Harrier might be wearing this very style). While I always advocate in buying an original designer piece if you can afford to, I do understand that £860 might feel a little steep for a pair of flip flops. This is why I was so excited when I saw that Marks & Spencer has some elevated flip flops of a very similar design for just £15.