Katie Holmes and I Both Swear By This Brand's Anti-Trend Staples—6 I Deemed Worthy of Investment

Each week without fail, you can expect to spot Katie Holmes running around New York in one of many classic, low-key outfits that her style has come to be synonymous with. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from studying these outfits, it’s that Holmes has an affinity towards the classics—and she knows how to pick them well. Flip through any of her recent looks and you’ll see the same few items repeat themselves over and over: a great leather tote bag, simple ballet flats, and button-down shirting are just a few of the items in frequent rotation. And the same is true for the labels behind these wardrobe staples. One such brand she wears often? Lafayette 148 New York.

The luxury label, named after its founding SoHo address, was established under the “belief that women deserve beautiful clothing created for women’s needs,” and based what I know of the brand’s exceedingly high quality, I’d say that ethos is very much alive and well today. After having added a pair of their cigarette trousers to my closet earlier this year, it turns out Holmes and I have the label in common.