I'm Heading to London This Week—7 Trends I'm Packing and 7 I'm Leaving in NYC

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In a few days, I’ll be on a flight from JFK to Heathrow for a work trip that involves everything from fashion dinners to the Formula One British Grand Prix. The forecast is pretty clear in London, with only one or two days of predicted rain and temperatures around the 70ºF mark, but when I posted a question about what to bring on my IG Stories, my friends across the pond gave me varying responses. Some told me it was cool at night and warm in the daytime and to bring layers, and others claimed it was sweltering and the fewer clothes I pack the better. Without a clear answer, I have no choice but to go off instinct alone, prioritizing summer trends and crossing my fingers that 70ºF in London means the same thing as 70ºF in NYC. I’ve never flopped in the packing department in all my 28 years, and I refuse to let my streak end now.

Since I almost never bring more than what will fit in my Tumi carry-on suitcase, especially for a quick four-night trip, I’ll be packing pretty light, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not strategically planning every outfit to peak perfection. Ahead, discover which seven summer trends I’ve decided to bring along with me and another seven that will be staying back home in NYC for the week. Expect to find lots of white and breezy fabrics, statement bottoms, and flats so that I can walk Silverstone’s 3.66-mile track and London’s 607 square miles (or at least a portion of that) without issue. Scroll down to see what made the cut.

Bringing: Capri Pants

Leaving Behind: Bermuda Shorts

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It’s not that I’m a Bermuda-shorts hater—I actually like them in theory. That being said, I haven’t quite figured out how to style them in a way that works for me. On the other hand, capri pants are all I’ve really wanted to play around with styling-wise this summer, so yes, they’re coming with me, and yes, I’ll wear them a lot.