I'm a Fashion Editor Who Went to Their First Festival: 3 Makeup Looks I Created

For years, I’ve watched the festival season from the sidelines. Since I’m not into big crowds or walking around for hours at a time, I usually opt out of attending and instead follow along with other people’s experiences on social media. But something came over me this year that made me decide to pack up my cowboy boots and go to Stagecoach. I love country music and couldn’t help but take a stab at creating some iconic festival looks. It also allowed me to get creative with my hair and makeup.

I spent hours scrolling through the Instagram accounts of my favorite makeup artists and scouring Pinterest for all the beauty inspiration I could get. Once I got my makeup looks down, I headed to Jenna Perry Hair in New York to get a blowout using Vegamour hair products, which was by far the best beauty decision I could have made. The blowout held up all three days of the festival and cut my getting ready time way down.

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