I Only Packed a Carry-On For 10 Days in Greece—These 8 Staples Got Me Through

Okay, I admit that headline makes it sound like taking a vacation in Greece was such a burden and I just had to make do with a carry-on suitcase. What a tough life I lead! When in reality, I’d been planning, plotting, and scheming for this trip to happen all summer and when it finally did, I had the outfits curated and ready to go.

I find that with any trip long than five days, packing in a carry-on turns from the no-brainer choice to something more akin to sartorial Tetris wherein each item needs to fulfill a multi-outfit prescription in order to earn its coveted place inside my suitcase. In other words, for this ten-day, multi-island Greece trip, every single piece I packed inside my Away Bigger Carry-On needed to be highly versatile and very repeatable, down to the accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. No room for stragglers here. Between fancy dinners and nights out dancing in Mykonos to exploring cove beaches and traditional Greek villages on a four-wheeler in Paros, my lineup had to do the work of being both elevated and casual and I’m pleased to say I had little to no packing regrets this trip (save for leaving a pair of beloved ballet flats in a Mykonos hotel room, but I digress).

Here, I’m outlining my ultimate Greece packing list that should serve as your framework for any trip to the country or its Mediterranean neighbors, quite frankly. Happy packing!

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