I Live in NYC but Visit Miami and L.A. Often, 5 Staples I'd Wear In All 3 Cities

There’s nothing I love more than living in New York but if you know one thing about New Yorkers it’s that they’re always on the road. Hungry to see the world, we tend to make our way in and out of JFK on the regular. In the past few years, I’ve grown an affinity for the other big cities in the US—specifically Los Angeles and Miami.

I’ve decided to set a standard for myself. I aim to visit Miami between 3-4 times a year and L.A. at least twice. Spending time and making friends in all three of these big cities has given me the opportunity to find a love for their cultures and most importantly their personal style. While you’ll find a lot more casual and simple attire in Los Angeles, you’ll find a splash of color and prints when you go to Miami. Below, I’ve rounded up the 5 staples that are so good, I’d wear them in all 3 cities.

1. Leather Jackets

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The staple that truly makes sense in all 3 of my favorite domestic cities is absolutely the leather jacket. This staple is bigger than it’s ever been this year and it’s the first thing in my suitcase when I’m traveling there. When I sometimes visit other cities, I feel like an outsiders wearing head to toe leather but NYC, Miami and L.A. will always have an appreciation for it.

2. Statement Belts

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Nothing completes an outfit for me quite like a statement leather belt. I’ve been able to make a dress I’ve worn a hundred times over feel brand new just by throwing on a belt that pulls my look together. When I’m packing for a trip and want to be able to reinvent something in my closet, a cool belt is a must have.

3. Wide Leg Jeans

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At this point, everyone is in the loop when it comes to the topic of wide leg jeans. Yes, they go with everything in your closet and make you look instantly cool.

4. Poplin Set

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When the weather is warm, a poplin matching set is a no-brainer. In the summer, I like to wear a flowing set in New York City and it’s always a good idea to bring it along as a swim coverup for Miami. A day on the west side of L.A. will also always look good in a set like this.

5. Blazer Dress

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Of the three cities we’re discussing here, New York is the one that steers towards the business side but surprisingly, I see blazer dresses just as often in L.A. and Miami. You have to work hard to earn a zip code in any of these cities so a blazer dress will do.