I Just Went to New York Fashion Week—Here's Every Fall Trend I Saw IRL

Every fashion week, we’re reminded that the New York crowd knows how to dress—it’s evident through the street style. But if you’re still a bit dubious about how this city has the world beat, then let me highlight one last “trend” that dominated this season: low-key luxury. For the record, minimalism isn’t really a trend; it’s been around since the ’90s. But in recent months, we’ve seen wide adoption of a more laid-back approach to dressing this season. Partly, that shift can be attributed to wider cultural conversations around being a more thoughtful shopper and popular fashion aesthetics like “old money“, but my hunch is it’s more than that.

New Yorkers have always known that great style can’t be bought; it’s curated. Yes, you can buy into every trend, but truly stylish people pick items they know will look good long past when they were photographed. It’s why we saw so many showgoers this season donning minimal staples like tube tops, slip skirts, button-downs, pencil skirts, and suits—because they’re timeless. It’s the wide adoption of all things low-key this season that reminds us New Yorkers always know how to take even the most “boring” wardrobe items and transform them into a moment. Keep scrolling to see how low-key luxury was styled this season… 

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