From France to Norway: 5 Knockout Skirt Trends You’ll See All Over Europe This Summer

The time for wearing skirts is nigh and if there’s one reference we can always count on, it’s that of European women. When temperatures rise, Brits extend their gaze to European style, and their enviable ensembles. Their preferred skirt styles span printed skirts to maxi-length denim, each one bearing reference to the culture, climate and fashion muses of yesteryear.

European style is aspirational at the best of times but more so in the summer as they’re familiar with warmer forecasts and therefore their style bridges the gap between city style and resortwear. From France and Italy to Norway, there are ample timeless skirt trends you’re likely to spot on women each summer and voguish styles are incorporated in a way that feels individualistic. We’ve seen this with the bubble skirt trend; It’s been inherited by Scandinavian women foremost, as their signature style leans towards full skirts regardless.

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You’ll find many styles are cross-referenced, as most European countries share influences, however, it’s the styling and small details that make them decidedly French, German, Italian or Scandinavian. Like Italian women, French women favour printed skirts but they do so in silken styles, whereas Italian motifs are bold repeat patterns adorned on cotton. German women appreciate relaxed looks, which encompasses supple, straight-cut denim often paired with trainers, whereas French women are known for donning knee-skimming denim skirts with mules. I’ve searched the internet for stylish skirt trends worn by our favourite fashion insiders.

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