French and Italian Women Always Wear This Pretty Top With Jeans in Spring

white spring top

I might be speaking for myself, but frankly, as the weather gets hotter, my motivation for finding a great outfit increases. While I’d usually lean towards grabbing a pair of sparkly pants or a ruffled, patterned, colorful top to celebrate the end of cold weather, this year, I’m taking my spring wardrobe inspiration from some of the most chic women around: Italians and the French. While both cosmopolitan capitals may vary in their day-to-day taste, women from both cities can agree that there’s nothing more elevated than a simple, pretty white top and a pair of straight-leg denim.

If you’re looking to embrace a minimal yet cool approach to dressing this season, look no further. Below, I’ve shopped out the prettiest white spring tops—from bow-filled linen blouses and high-neck vests—so you have plenty of options to feast your eyes on. Plus, don’t forget to scroll to the very end to find the best pair of matching straight-leg jeans that are never a bad idea to buy.

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