Fashion People Are Wearing Blazers With the Most Divisive Pant Trend of the Season

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Okay, I’m just going to get right to it. Capri pants are the moment. The controversial pant trend reentered the spotlight in an even more noteworthy way in the spring/summer 2024 collections and has quickly become one of the key wardrobe staples among the fashion crowd. While style-setters are teaming their trusty capris with various items, blazers are the front-runner in capri-pant styling.

A blazer is one item that will make any outfit feel instantly more polished and elevated, so it’s no surprise why fashion people from New York City to Paris wear blazers with their trend-forward capris. Below, you’ll find visual inspiration showcasing the different blazer styles that look the chicest with the divisive pant trend of the season. Are you interested in a bit of shopping? Don’t miss out on some of the best blazers, capris, and accessories to shop now.

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This ensemble is chic, period. The longline blazer buttoned as an alt to a top is cool with capri pants. The heeled mules add another touch of elegance.

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Do you love the tee-and-blazer vibe? Try a pinstripe silhouette with a white shirt styled with those trusty capris.

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The tailored jacket is so polished teamed with the capri pants.

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This is such a cool night-out look with the blazer, capri pants, and trendy mesh Mary Janes.

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One more example showcasing how modern and chic a blazer with capri pants is this season.

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