Etsy’s Trend Forecast: Next-Level Western Style, RomCom Interiors and Granny-Chic Decor Are In for Spring

From frontier-chic leather sofas to preppy golf-themed giclées and cozy crocheted afghans, Etsy’s trend report for the spring-summer season is packed with shoppable inspiration for all spaces. The marketplace has a lot of intel to draw on, with 92 million-plus buyers and seven million sellers; Etsy’s in-house trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson has a great vantage point for spotting trends advancing down the pike. As she puts it, “One of the most magical things about Etsy is the way our vibrant creator community shapes trends before they hit the mass market.” Here, we highlighted a few of our favorite themes from the report, coming soon to a shopping cart—and, no doubt, a well-styled home—near you.

Western decor, with a twist, saddles up

Beyonce’s “Cowboy Carter” drop and Bella Hadid’s horse-riding hobby are just two recent examples of what Etsy calls the “Western 2.0” aesthetic, but searches for frontier-inspired decor and style have also been on the rise at the marketplace, an indicator that the aesthetic is migrating into our homes. (Just consider the 428% rise in “horseshoe charm” searches!). As the brand opines in its trend report, the “iconic Western look has transcended its cowboy roots to become a symbol of rugged-yet-chic style, and the newest version of the Western trend incorporates timeless elements like leather, suede and fringe with a touch of glam.” Embrace the outback with cowgirl hats (to be worn or hung thoughtfully for decorative effect), boot themed accents like tea towels, and distressed leather and denim furniture.

Upcycle Vintage Chair With Denim Cover – 70s Retro Design

Howdy Cowgirl – Cowboy Boots Print Western Motif Screen Printed Tea Towel

Marlboro Man – Marlboro Vintage Poster

Crochet, embroidery, and vintage textiles are a tapestry of new trends

Granny-chic has entered the chat, but with an important caveat: The textiles and styles that are about to dominate home decor may at first blush feel vintage, but the look is an updated one. “Shoppers are seeking pieces that seamlessly blend a vintage aesthetic with more modern design sensibilities,” notes the report. Think crochet, quilted, and embroidered details appearing on decidedly contemporary silhouettes. As Dayna recommends, the site is rife with crochet, quilting, and embroidery kits if you’d like to try your own hand at some time-honored techniques too. Not the crafty type? Some hand-crafted accents, like stitched pot holders, exquisite quilted jackets, and well-placed coffee table books on the topic of quilting and craftsmanship should help curate the same vibe.

Large Cotton Quilted Duffle Bag

Small hand-crocheted Afghan blanket

Bear Claw Potholder Quilt

The lovely, layered rom-com interior is back

Nancy Myers has been saying it for years. What Etsy calls the “RomCom interior”—a lived-in, comfy aesthetic decked out with friendly patterns, and a carefully curated library (or, er, bookshelf), is on the upswing. Forgo the minimalism that’s been so in-vogue of late and, as trend expert Dayna puts it, try “de-modernizing” any of your “sad beige” spaces into vintage-infused spaces designed with nostalgia and ease in mind. After all you’re the main character here. Wicker pendant lamps, vibrant vintage rugs and dark wooden floating shelves will help nail the Father of the Bride house vibe.

Floating Bookshelf Storage Cabinet

Exquisite Pink Turkish Oushak Hand Knotted Rug

Handmade ceramic minimalist pottery mug

Sports-core is on the ball

Sports—especially “hobby sports,” like tennis, golf, and pickleball—are popping up in fashion and decor, according to Dayna. Searches for “lawn games” are up 2,159%, while shoppers’ interest in boat bags, retro jerseys, and hoodie dresses are all surging too. Bring the preppy spirit into your space with green-and-white striped everything, framed vintage sports prints, and monogrammed gear for on and off the court.

Swinton Eclipse Pickleball Paddle

Tennis Party Decor Tennis Candle

Croquet All Day Art Print

The kitchen is still the heart of the home

Food and bev is continuing to have a moment. Given the immense popularity of cooking and baking shows (anyone else hooked on Is It Cake?) and the stratospheric evolution of the celebrity chef, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is expanding its reach beyond the bounds of a home’s culinary quarters. Searches for “pasta prints” are on the up by 39%, while “host/hostess gifts” have soared in search by 465%—and if you’re on the hunt for espresso martini candles, you’re not the only one, as that search skyrockets by a staggering 1,456%. Infuse the spirit into any area of your home with a selection of Etsy’s food- and bar-motif art, liquor-inspired candles and, for the truly trend-conscious, berry-print jumpsuits.

A4 A3 / Indonesian Food Print

Pasta Ingredients A4 Risograph Print

Berry Garden | Printed jumpsuit

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