Drop Everything—Fendi Is Launching Fragrance, and I'm Already Obsessed

The first designer bag I ever bought was a Fendi embossed wallet on a chain. It was a $300 score from The RealReal I had been tracking for months, and sure, it showed some preloved character (some slight leather creases and hardware dings), but it was all mine. I still have it to this day, and every time I spot it hanging in my closet, I’m reminded of that sentimental unboxing years ago.

Fendi is well-known for eliciting a special sense of nostalgia (hello, ’90s Baguette), so it only makes sense the brand would quite literally bottle that feeling with a delightful perfume—well, seven to be exact. Today, Fendi announced a brand-new collection of fragrances, each inspired by olfactory memories from leading figures of the brand.