Cindy Crawford Wore the Jeans-and-Sandal Outfit I see Every Time I Go to L.A.

I think we can all agree that supermodel and Malibu resident Cindy Crawford is the ultimate classic California girl. She’s perfected that breezy, effortless style that looked as relevant in 1994 as it does today. Trends come and go, but Crawford’s timeless wardrobe is forever. So it goes without saying that she’s a great person to look to if you want to see what people actually wear in L.A. day-to-day.

I no longer live in L.A., but I visit at least annually, and every time I do, I see people wearing a specific jeans-and-sandal pairing: white jeans and flip-flops. This summer-friendly combination is chic and polished, and even a bit trendy now that white jeans and flip-flops are so popular among the fashion crowd. That said, they’re never really not trends, so you can feel good about your decision to purchase and wear them, no matter where you live. Keep scrolling to do just that.

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