Chrissy Teigen takes daughter Luna’s Girl Scout troop to her dad’s assisted living facility

Making the decision to put a loved one into assisted living can be fraught with emotion, but Chrissy Teigen is reminding us how joyful and fun the transition can be. Teigen took to Instagram to share that she recently took her daughter Luna’s Girl Scout troop to volunteer at her dad’s assisted living facility, and it looks like everyone had an absolute blast.

Sharing a gallery of photos and videos from the multigenerational gathering, Teigen noted in her caption why it means so much to her to chip away at stigmas surrounding elder care. 

“At the age of 84, my dad has officially become part of the assisted living community,” she began in the April 25 post. “It is so wonderful to have him just minutes away from us now, seeing him so happy and thriving.

Naturally, the cookbook author made sure the residents and Girl Scouts alike were well-fed during their big day together. “Yesterday our Girl Scouts went over to serve pigs in a blanket (national food holidays are my kryptonite!) and make friendship bracelets with all the incredibly sweet residents,” she said, referencing the fact that April 24 is recognized as National Pigs in a Blanket Day. (Who knew?!)

“I also got to teach them the insanely important life skill of making the best ranch dressing – hidden valley BUTTERMILK ranch, the buttermilk packet is crucial) (probably the first ranch dressing badge in Girl Scouts?)” she continued. “If you are able, volunteering at a retirement home, nursing home or assisted living community can be such a fulfilling and beautiful experience. My mom has been taking my sister and I since we were little, and now it’s just so special to get to go and see pops too. I try to go as often as possible, and my cup is filled every time. They also might have the best fluffy meatloaf in the game. 🤍🤍🤍”

Based on the chatting, laughing, and hard work completed by all, it’s clear that the time spent together was truly special and meaningful for both the residents and the Girl Scouts, as well as Teigen herself. In the comments section, the mom of five (note: I tend to include Jack in this number but totally understand if you change it to four) had no time for judgmental responses from followers who don’t understand why “rich folks” would put their parents into assisted living.

When one commenter wrote that it “breaks” their heart “to see anyone’s parents in an assisted living facility,” Teigen replied, “I cannot do what they do. With all due respect, you do not know his needs.” In a follow-up, the person claimed their comment “wasn’t intended to be hurtful or malicious,” Teigen responded, “you’re telling this to someone whose mom just recently moved out of my home to live and thrive in thailand. If I could do it, I would. Extend people some grace and know you don’t know the full situation. Of course it’s hurtful to hear you wouldn’t do this and that I’m doing something wrong.”

Others were appreciative of Teigen using her platform to “speak so highly of communal living opportunities for older adults,” adding, “While there’s so much more work to be done, this post highlights the gorgeous moments of joy and life available!! Thank you!!!”

“This is lovely,” added another. “Thank you for modeling and promoting the importance of serving our communities and connecting across generations.”

Here’s hoping that the residents loved spending time with their new petite pals. Few things seem more fun than making ranch dressing with the foremost expert on the subject.

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