Binance to support Render token swap and rebranding, Solciety meme coin launches next week

  • Binance will support Render’s RNDR to RENDER swap, suspending RNDR trades on July 22.
  • Solciety (SLCTY) meme coin, merging politics and memes on Solana, launches June 18 with a 30-day presale.
  • Solciety’s 30-day presale price is structured to increase from $0.000963 in the first stage to $0.002167 in the final stage.

Binance has announced its support for the token swap and rebranding of the popular altcoin Render (RNDR) to Render (RENDER).

Simultaneously, Solciety (SLCTY), a unique meme coin, is set to launch on the Solana network next week, promising to merge politics and memes for the “Degens.”

Binance pledges to supports Render token swap and rebranding

On July 22, 2024, Binance will suspend all RNDR deposit and withdrawal transactions. Additionally, all RNDR spot trading pairs, including RNDR/BTC, RNDR/USDT, and others, will be removed.

Users are advised to complete their RNDR deposits before this date to avoid any inconveniences. The new RENDER trading pairs will become available on July 26, 2024, ensuring a smooth transition for all trading activities.

Binance’s futures trading platform will close all RNDRUSDT perpetual futures positions on July 16, 2024. Similarly, margin pairs involving RNDR will be delisted, and all RNDR loan positions will be closed by July 17, 2024.

Furthermore, Binance Pay will cease support for RNDR gift cards, converting any unused ones to RENDER gift cards automatically.

The technical aspects of this token swap will be managed automatically by Binance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all users.

Render tokens will be converted to RENDER at a 1:1 ratio, simplifying the transition.

Upcoming Solciety (SLCTY) meme coin merges politics and memes

Scheduled to launch on June 18th, Solciety (SLCTY) is set to become a notable addition to the Solana blockchain.

By merging politics and memes, Solciety aims to cater to the “Degens,” individuals immersed in decentralized finance and internet culture.

This strategic choice of Solana as the foundation leverages its high-speed transactions and low fees, making it an ideal platform for innovative projects like Solciety.

At the heart of Solciety lies the Meme Campaigner, an innovative meme creation platform. This tool empowers users to generate and customize memes effortlessly, featuring over 200 traits, backgrounds, and fonts.

By integrating news and current events, the Meme Campaigner ensures that memes remain relevant and timely.

Additionally, the platform incentivizes community engagement by rewarding users with presale tokens for sharing their creations on social media, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of content creators and meme enthusiasts.

Solciety (SLCTY) will start with a 30-days token presale

The Solciety presale, commencing on June 18th, will last for 30 days, offering early adopters the opportunity to secure SLCTY tokens at progressively increasing prices.

The presale structure, with price increments every 72 hours, incentivizes early participation and rewards early supporters.

With a total supply of 3 billion SLCTY tokens, Solciety ensures a balanced distribution across various areas, including marketing, development, partnerships, and liquidity, to fuel the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

The presale is designed to encourage early participation by increasing prices every 72 hours, rewarding those who invest early.

Early investors can buy SLCTY tokens at $0.000963 during the first stage, with the final presale price projected to be $0.002167.

Solciety has a total supply of 3 billion SLCTY tokens allocated across presale, marketing, rewards, development, partnerships, treasury, and liquidity, ensuring a balanced distribution to support the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

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