AD Editors Share 25 of Their Favorite Hispanic- and Latinx-Owned Businesses

It’s no secret we love a good shopping spree here at AD and Clever, and if we get to learn about innovative creators and entrepreneurs while we do it, all the more reason to splurge! To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite Hispanic- and Latinx-owned businesses to shop for decor, wellness essentials, accessories, and more. From stylish design studios to beauty buys and homeware galore, read on for the full exclusive on a few of the products that we know and love (or have added to our personal wish lists). Happy shopping!

“Lilian Martinez’s work is seen in many homes across AD–a painting in Demi Lovato’s out-of-this-world farm house, one of her blankets brilliantly repurposed as a headboard by Beata Heuman, not to mention a cheerful set of prints at Lorien Ster’s desert oasis—and I’ve been lucky enough to have a piece of my own (the currently sold-out Jungle throw) for many years. Whether she’s creating works of fine art or widely available home goods, her signature style and sense of humor shine.” —Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

“Mark my words, Casa Veronica will join the lineup of my lamp collection in the future, but until then I will happily settle for any piece of art, like this stunning vessel along with the matching candleholders (I regret not snagging it in Ojo when I had the chance!). The woman fulfilling all your interior design desires through these one-of-a-kind objects is Veronica Ortuño, a first-generation Mexican American creative director based in Elgin, Texas, who you might also recognize as the founder of the creative studio Las Cruxes.” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

Ceremonia Scalp Masajeador

“This fun little tool really elevates your shampooing experience. Not only does it give you a scalp massage, but the Scalp Masajeador helps to lift product buildup and control flakiness. During the summer, I’m using so much dry shampoo so I don’t look quite so sweaty, and I love to use this product at least once a week to keep my scalp happy and healthy.” —Kelsey Borovinsky, contributor

“LA-based Cisco Home has been focused on sustainable manufacturing practices long before it was the status quo. Growing up in Mexico, founder Cisco Pinedo watched his small community share in resources, a core memory he credits for Cisco’s standard: ‘Handmade pieces of furniture using repurposed materials with little waste.’ Others have taken note too: That sofa Ashton Kutcher’s lounging on? It’s a Cisco!” —Mel Studach, AD PRO editor

“I am obsessed with any and all Clare V bags. I love that they tend to feature playful patterns or pops of color, but are always still versatile enough to match a variety of outfits. (The brown-and-white checkered midi-sac is one I am coveting right now.) They cost less than a high-end designer handbag but are an affordable-enough investment and really well made. The straps are removable and sold separately, so you can give your bag a refresh easily, which is so fun. Also, there are a few Clare V styles available on Rent the Runway, almost all of which I have rented.” —Rachel Wallace, digital senior entertainment editor

Jackie Water Tumbler, Set of 2

“Collecto is a wedding Collecto registry service and homeware retailer that curates the most beautiful glassware from makers all over the world. Founded in 2019 by Federika Longinotti Buitoni, the Venezuelan native’s love of tabletops comes from her grandmother, who was known for hosting glamorous dinner parties in Caracas during the ’60s and ’70s. As I’ve spent more time perfecting the smaller details in my home, I love Collecto’s diverse assortment of glasses, plates, and vases, as I know I can find both delicate and bold glassware for the perfect finishing touch.” —Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital editor

“While they may be most known for their stylish work totes, Cuyana’s washable silks feel like a dream. This cami specifically turned out to be a well-loved staple in my summer wardrobe, since it’s so lightweight, versatile, and catches the light in a really pretty way. Whether I was wearing it with the matching bottoms to sleep or pairing it with some trousers or a skirt to meet up with friends, I was pleasantly surprised by how often I reached for it (and I think you will be too!).”—Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“My boyfriend and I do a lot of cooking at home, and after watching The Bear, it felt like it was finally time to invest in an apron instead of continuing to stain our shirts with chicken fat. These aprons are an essential part of a chef’s kit and for good reason: The fabric gets better with every wash and the thoughtful pockets are perfect for keeping a phone, spoon, or anything else on hand.” —Kelsey Borovinsky, contributor

“Loisa’s founders come from mixed Latin backgrounds and named the company as an homage to ‘Loisaida’ (aka the Spanglish name for New York’s Lower East Side). Though it’s hard to choose just one item from all of the brand’s flavor-filled pantry staples and thoughtful cookware offerings, the Flavor Trio is a great place to start your spice journey—featuring Loisa’s Organic Sazón, Adobo, and Sofrito to add some kick to your meals.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

The Santal Wood Fragrance

“I highly recommend NNT Lab for those with an appetite for rich scents. Though I don’t personally own any of the fragrances, I came across their Matcha and Santal Wood scents in Cartagena, Colombia, and I was immediately enchanted! The Colombian-based brand pulls its raw material from Grasse, the charming French Riviera village and perfume capital of the world. They have a variety of complex scents that mix together an array of herbs, flowers, and fruits.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

Cactus Flower Exfoliant Hibiscus

“Taking their inspiration from the beauty of Latinx culture, Nopalera is an elevated brand committed to creating high-quality, celebrated products. If there’s one thing I’m taking with me to a desert island, it’s this exfoliator. With just a quarter-size amount, I look fresh-faced and ready to take on the day. The tangerine scent is delicious, the texture is perfectly granular, and the ingredients are clean—it’s life-changing.” —Katarina Kovac, commerce producer

“Chicana-owned Nopalera’s botanical-based beauty and self-care products are a lovely way to treat yourself when it’s time to switch out your tired Dove soap. Founded in 2020 by Mexican American Sandra Velasquez, many of the brand’s soothing products—like the clarifying Clara Noche bar—use cactus (one of the most resilient crops in the world) as their central ingredient.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“While I haven’t had the pleasure of shopping at this design destination in person, Primaried Studio still ranks high on my list of favorite design stores. Their vintage furniture selection is next level, and someday I hope to be in the position to make a BIG purchase there when I eventually visit. The founder Jonathan Sanchez-Obias is a first-generation Filipino and Cuban American who was born and raised in Miami. Last year, he collaborated with Fooshoo on an exclusive collection of ceramics that are glazed to perfection. I simply can’t resist a mug, it’s functional art!” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm

“I’m always a tad skeptical whenever a celeb comes out with a new makeup or skincare line, but Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty is really living up to its name. The brand’s Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm in Nearly Neutral is that perfect enhanced natural lip color that isn’t overly sticky and wears beautifully before it’s time to reapply. And while I haven’t tried the brand’s best-selling liquid blush yet, seeing it in action recently while a friend was getting ready for a party might just be enough to make me pull the trigger.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

rrres Vase Handwoven with Palm

“What I would consider one of Oaxaca City’s coolest design studios! All of their products use traditional crafting techniques and are made in Latin America. The studio works directly with local artisans to produce pieces that combine the diversity of Latin American Heritage. The Palm series is a wholesome collection of handwoven standing baskets made of 100% palm.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

Santos Dolores Square Tote

“I met Monica a few years ago and immediately fell in love with her sparkly attitude and funky designs, visibly reflected on everything she makes. Her products are handmade to order in the US in collaboration with Desserto, a plant-based leather crafted from cactus fibers made in Mexico (plus, for every bag sold, a tree is planted). Her store is conveniently placed in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where all the cool and conscious kids hang.” —Ernesto Macias, Entertainment Editor

Somos Salsa Macha Mexican Chili Crisp Nuts & Seeds (2 Pack)

“If you need a go-to condiment to add an extra bit of heat to your dish, look no further than the Somos chili crisp. Before Somos, I always thought of chili crisp as straightforward and basic—the type of thing to elevate your food, but never meant for experimentation or to take center stage. Afterall, chili crisp taste delicious as is—why mess with perfection? Somos proves you can find new twists to chili crisp, specifically with their mango and pineapple Salsa Macha. It perfectly balances sweet and spicy to create a dynamic topping for eggs and noodles or to even dip some chips in.” – Megan Wahn, associate commerce editor

Somos Cilantro Lime White Rice (2 Pack)

“I love that these rice packs from Somos make planning and bringing meals to the office super easy. Not only are they a tasty supplement to any protein dish, they’re also great to have stocked in your pantry when you’re craving an impromptu taco bowl for lunch/dinner or you don’t know what to have with your leftover rotisserie chicken from the night before.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“The Tata Harper Clarifying Mask is hands-down the best mask I’ve ever used! Out of all the masks I’ve tried, it is my most prized possession. While the product is rather pricey, a small container lasts me a few months (and personally, it’s too strong for me to use more than once a week). This salicylic and lactic acid mask is made from 40 natural farm-grown ingredients and targets blemishes with AHA super fruits. It also contains quartz sand micro-crystals that help to exfoliate when I wash it off, while soothing super seeds counteract redness and raw honey provides hydration. I need to invest in another container of this, as it literally clears my clogged pores—my biggest pet peeve—overnight.” —Livia Caligor, content operations associate

“If you’ve been thinking of investing in some great clean beauty items, you’ll want to check out Tata Harper. While I’ve tried a handful of the brand’s products, I have to admit that my skin care routine doesn’t feel complete without dabbing on a bit of the restorative eye cream in the morning and at night. The water lock moisturizer is also a winner in my eyes (coming from someone with dry, sensitive skin), since it features skin-quenching peptides, hyaluronic acid, and a very lovely scent.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“I never thought much about hair perfumes until I came across the Lab Girl & Co’s brilliant Love at First Swipe! This product is an all-in-one—with a sophisticated floral scent, it controls frizz, hydrates the hair, and serves as a heat protector. From intensive hair treatments to serums and scrunchies, the brand is committed to providing clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning

“Founded on National Indie Bookstore Day in 2019 by African American and Puerto Rican venture activist Noëlle Santos, the Lit. Bar is currently the only brick-and-mortar bookstore (as well as a wine bar and literary venue) in the Bronx. The venue serves as a community gathering spot that hosts readings and discussions, as well as a wine bar that connects local readers. My all-time favorite book would have to be Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong. A fusion of Asian American history, cultural criticism, and personal essays, the text dives into a deep examination of racial consciousness in America. It’s relentlessly gripping, provocative, humorous, and vulnerable—no text has ever more aptly conveyed the universal complexities of the Asian American experience through a personal narrative.” —Livia Caligor, content operations associate

“As if their statement-making metallic plumbing fixtures (think sculptural copper tubs, architectural range hoods, hand-hammered brass sinks, and more) aren’t reason enough to support Thompson Traders, the wonderful family behind the brand is. When treating design professionals to a Dia de los Muertos celebration a few years back, matriarch Alejandra Thompson scratch-made the entire dinner—including a mole sauce that still makes me salivate just thinking about it. Indeed, these kitchen and bath fixtures are crafted with love.” —Mel Studach, AD PRO editor

“Tigre de Salón is one of my favorite stores in Colombia—there is undoubtedly so much care and intention put into this brand. Their chic designs are dreamed up by a small team of women who work closely with indigenous communities in Colombia to produce bags, accessories, and other niche goods. They have a wide range of products made mostly from natural leather, fibers, and even beans.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

“I love how Ura creates timeless pieces using Colombia’s artisanal techniques. I love collecting little glass gems, so when I saw this Sunset colored incense holder at a store in Medellin, Colombia, it immediately caught my attention. The glass ornament comes in a variety of moody colors and sits as a chic addition to any environment.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

“Mexico City–based decor brand Utilitario Mexicano produces deeply practical home goods that I can’t get enough of. They stock classic enamel goods, simple cookware at reasonable prices, and charming items like a chicken-shaped egg basket that make me believe that I really can have the pastoral life of my dreams, even from the tiny kitchen of my Brooklyn apartment.” —Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

Vaso chico (set of 6)- Mango

“Rooted in sustainability, Xaquixe has proved to be a pioneer in design, as they are partially operating their furnaces with cooking oil recycled from hotels and restaurants. Pushing their efforts even further, 95% of their glasses are assembled from recycled glass! Xaquixe has their focus on celebrating Latinx culture and has proven that sustainable design can still be wondrous and colorful!” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

“For flower lovers, here is a quirky yet classy vase to enhance your arrangements. Whether paired with flowers or not, vases can serve as a staple piece all on their own! Zorro y Jaguar’s hand-blown, wide-mouth vase is made entirely of recycled glass and is truly a sculptural dream.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

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