A daughter’s gift to her empty-nester mom has everyone tearing up

Rachel Sevcik made a TikTok explaining how she was scrambling to find out what to give her mom for her 52nd birthday, who was an empty-nester after Rachel, her youngest, flew the coup. She chose a sign from a boutique that said “try”… she gave it to her with a letter that said “Mom, try, try what you’ve always wanted to but didn’t because you were putting us first.” So, her mom did.

“She’d always wanted to be a writer. In the eight years since, she’s joined writer’s groups, published a short story, co-authored a book, just started her first book, and is starting her second one now,” Sevcik shared. “She’s turning 60 in about a month, and now, when people ask me what my mom does, I say she’s a writer.” Sevcik zooms in at the end on a picture of her mama, smiling in her sunglasses.

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Mamas in the comments got emotional about this one. “I’m incredibly impressed at you understanding the gravitas of all her sacrifices at just 18. The sign and note was an amazing gesture,” one wrote. Another said, “THis is beautiful. Motherhood is full of ‘seasons’…thank you for acknowledging that they change as your babies grow!! How thoughtful of you.” Another stay-at-home mom wrote, “I am SOBBING. This is beautiful.”

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Some even asked to read her book, and Sevcik teased a TikTok to come with a “book/mom” reveal when she goes home for the holidays soon. Now moms everywhere are hoping their teen daughters grow up to really understand the sacrifices they made, and maybe even get the chance to go for those big dreams they put on hold too.

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