70 baby names inspired by nature for your future outdoor explorer

You can find baby name inspiration for your little love bug anywhere, especially in nature. There are so many routes you can take, whether it’s a name of a specific tree or flower or a name with a nature definition, like Kamala, for example, meaning “lotus” or “garden.”

Seasons are often associated with nature, lending inspiration for names like Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, or names representing the likes of seasonal nature like Bianca, Neva, and Eirwen which all mean “white” or “snow.”

If you want to go with a month that reminds you of your favorite type of weather or nature activity then maybe you’ll like the names April, May, June, or Augustin (variation of August).

Similarly, names such as Rocky, Sandy, River, Wilder, Sierra, Creek and Cliff are all nods to nature elements.

The great outdoors is filled with ideas for possible names and nicknames. For more, sift through the lists below—inspired by different aspects of nature like flowers, trees, plants, and herbs.

70 nature baby names to consider

Flower-inspired nature baby names

  1. Violet: A purple flower symbolizing modesty, faithfulness, and virtue.
  2. Freesia: A fragrant flower representing innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness.
  3. Dahlia: A vibrant flower symbolizing elegance, inner strength, and creativity.
  4. Hyacinth: A spring flower associated with rebirth, constancy, and playfulness.
  5. Rose: A classic flower symbolizing love, beauty, and passion.
  6. Iris: A flower representing faith, wisdom, and courage.
  7. Jasmine: A fragrant flower symbolizing grace, elegance, and sensuality.
  8. Primrose: An early spring flower representing youth, gentleness, and can’t live without you.
  9. Daisy: A simple flower symbolizing innocence, purity, and new beginnings.
  10. Lily: A flower representing purity, rebirth, and motherhood.
  11. Marigold: A bright flower symbolizing creativity, passion, and sacred affection.
  12. Chrysanthemum: A flower representing longevity, joy, and optimism.
  13. Petunia: A flower symbolizing anger and resentment, but also desire and longing.
  14. Moss: A plant symbolizing maternal love, charity, and nature.
  15. Heather: A flower representing admiration, beauty, and good luck.
  16. Orchid: An exotic flower symbolizing luxury, beauty, and strength.
  17. Clover: A plant symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and fertility.
  18. Azalea: A flower symbolizing femininity, softness, and taking care of oneself.
  19. Poppy: A vibrant flower representing consolation, remembrance, and peace.
  20. Magnolia: A flower symbolizing nobility, perseverance, and love of nature.
  21. Zinnia: A flower representing thoughts of absent friends, endurance, and lasting affection.
  22. Camellia: A flower symbolizing admiration, perfection, and gratitude.
  23. Aster: A flower representing love, daintiness, and patience.

Tree or plant-inspired nature baby names

  1. Cedar: An evergreen tree symbolizing strength, incorruptibility, and protection.
  2. Jade: A green gemstone and plant representing wisdom, balance, and harmony.
  3. Holly: An evergreen shrub symbolizing defense, domestic happiness, and foresight.
  4. Fern: A leafy plant representing sincerity, confidence, and shelter.
  5. Laurel: A tree associated with victory, honor, and achievement.
  6. Maple: A tree symbolizing balance, promise, and practical thinking.
  7. Forrest: Derived from “forest,” symbolizing nature, tranquility, and abundance.
  8. Clove: A spice representing dignity, protection, and warmth.
  9. Olive: A tree symbolizing peace, fruitfulness, and purification.
  10. Hazel: A tree representing wisdom, inspiration, and protection.
  11. Ash: A tree symbolizing sacrifice, sensitivity, and higher awareness.
  12. Dragon: Likely referring to Dragon Tree, symbolizing protection, strength, and longevity.
  13. Cypress: A tree representing death and rebirth, mourning, and eternal life.
  14. Oak: A tree symbolizing strength, endurance, and nobility.
  15. Willow: A tree representing flexibility, resilience, and intuition.
  16. Hawthorn: A shrub symbolizing love, protection, and fertility.
  17. Ivy: A climbing plant representing fidelity, friendship, and continuity.
  18. Heath: A flowering plant symbolizing solitude, beauty, and protection.
  19. Rowan: A tree associated with protection, wisdom, and connection to nature.
  20. Juniper: An evergreen shrub symbolizing protection, purification, and healing.
  21. Aspen: A tree symbolizing determination, overcoming fears, and spiritual protection.
  22. Birch: A tree representing new beginnings, regeneration, and adaptability.

Herb-inspired nature baby names

  1. Basil: An aromatic herb symbolizing love, protection, and good wishes.
  2. Rosemary: An herb representing remembrance, love, and loyalty.
  3. Lavender: A fragrant herb symbolizing purity, devotion, and serenity.
  4. Dill: An herb associated with protection, luck, and powerful mental abilities.
  5. Sage: An herb representing wisdom, longevity, and immortality.
  6. Ginger: A spicy root symbolizing love, money, and success.
  7. Lemongrass: A citrusy herb representing purification, healing, and friendship.
  8. Saffron: A precious spice symbolizing wealth, wisdom, and cheerful spirit.
  9. Fennel: An herb associated with longevity, courage, and strength.
  10. Rue: An herb symbolizing clear vision, freedom from danger, and repentance.
  11. Yarrow: An herb representing healing, protection, and courage in love and battle.

Outdoors-inspired nature baby names

  1. Meadow: A name representing open grassland, symbolizing freedom and natural beauty.
  2. Sky: A name embodying vastness, limitless possibilities, and the heavens above.
  3. River: A name symbolizing constant movement, life’s journey, and adaptability.
  4. Rocky: A name suggesting strength, stability, and endurance like a sturdy rock formation.
  5. Creek: A name representing a small, gentle stream, symbolizing peaceful progress and hidden strength.
  6. Sandy: A name evoking beaches and deserts, symbolizing warmth and ever-changing landscapes.
  7. Cliff: A name suggesting dramatic heights, steadfastness, and a commanding presence.
  8. Wilder: A name representing untamed nature, adventurous spirit, and freedom.
  9. Woody: A name evoking forests and trees, symbolizing growth, strength, and rootedness.
  10. Bay: A name representing a sheltered body of water, symbolizing safety and calm amid greater forces.
  11. Glen: A name representing a secluded, narrow valley, symbolizing hidden beauty and tranquility.
  12. Lake: A name symbolizing tranquility, depth, and reflection, both literal and metaphorical.
  13. Aurora: A name inspired by the Northern Lights, representing natural wonder and ethereal beauty.
  14. Canyon: A name evoking deep, majestic gorges, symbolizing depth of character and natural grandeur.

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