6 Products We Should All Be Using This Winter, According to Skin Experts

There is so much to love about the arrival of winter—cosy knitwear, chunky boots and a palette of berries and burgundies for our nails and makeup. However, when it comes to looking after our skin, the transition to cooler weather can play havoc with our complexions. For me personally, the combination of central heating indoors and biting winds outdoors means that I’m left dealing with shiny patches as well as dry spots. Plus, my usually oily skin is suddenly parched—rendering my carefully curated skincare routine lacking. And I’m not alone in my winter-skin confusion.

“Drastic temperature changes and lower humidity levels between indoor and outdoor environments creates stress for the skin,” explains skin and wellness expert Ada Ooi. “This results in dryness and heightened sensitivity, which is a killer for creating wrinkles, while the hydrolipidic barrier that protects our skin can also become damaged during the winter months.” The upshot is that our complexions can feel dried out, sensitive and lacking in that covetable dewy glow once winter rolls around.

So what can we do to help restore a little radiance in our skin?

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