25 ‘Bluey’-inspired baby names parents will love for real life

If you’ve watched “Bluey,” you already know that the adorably sweet show about the Heeler family isn’t just for kids—it’s for parents, too. But what about parents-to-be? Because if you break down the cast of characters, you can find some serious baby name inspiration thanks to the show’s creators.

Sure, you might be thinking, “I already know this isn’t the baby name list for me,” and it’s understandable. But you’re also wrong! Not all of the recurring characters have canine-appropriate names. Some are “normal,” some are fun, and some are really really cute.

Here’s a list of everyone’s favorite “Bluey” characters.

  1. Bluey – The titular character, a Blue Heeler puppy and the main protagonist.
  2. Bingo – Bluey’s younger sister and another Blue Heeler puppy.
  3. Bentley – A schoolmate of Bingo’s.
  4. Bandit – Bluey and Bingo’s father, an archaeologist and fun dad who often plays with his daughters.
  5. Brandy – Chilli’s sister, who appears in two emotional episodes.
  6. Buddy – Bingo’s school pal.
  7. Chilli – Bluey and Bingo’s awesome mom who works part-time at the airport.
  8. Chucky – The sweet next-door neighbor of Bluey and Bingo.
  9. Lucky – Chucky’s older brother.
  10. Rusty – A friend of Bluey and Bingo who is often seen in various episodes.
  11. Missy – A shy but brave school friend of Bingo’s.
  12. Indy – Another friend of Bluey and Bingo with many dietary restrictions.
  13. Judo – Another next-door neighbor who is a little bossy.
  14. Honey – Bingo’s friend from school who can wag her body while her tail stays still!
  15. Janelle – she’s Chucky and Lucky’s mom who also lives next door.
  16. Jack – A Jack Russell terrier who is new in Calypso’s class.
  17. Jean-Luc – A labrador friend Bluey makes while on holiday.
  18. Coco – A family friend and cute pink poodle.
  19. Calypso – Bluey’s school teacher.
  20. Muffin – Bluey and Bingo’s cousin, daughter of Aunt Trixie.
  21. Uncle Stripe – Bandit’s brother who visits occasionally.
  22. Aunty Trixie – Chilli and Bandit’s sister-in-law, mother of Muffin and wife of Uncle Stripe.
  23. Doreen – A friendly neighbor who is always ready to give advice.
  24. Frisky – Chilli’s best friend, who gets married during the last episode of season 3.
  25. Wendy – A fitness enthusiast and next-door neighbor to the Heelers.

Maybe some of these names are a little “out there” for your taste, or maybe a few names on this list made you go “Oh, that’s actually cute.” Either way, we love all things “Bluey” and every single character on this list.

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