24 Expensive-Looking H&M Basics That Get Our Editors' Stamp of Approval

Shopping for basics is admittedly not the most exciting thing in the world, but they’re some of the most important wardrobe purchases you can make. And since you wear them so often, you’ll probably need to replace them more often than other items in your wardrobe, which means that you need them to be affordable. Enter H&M.

You may first think of H&M as a source for trend-led pieces, but I’m happy to tell you that the brand also stocks amazing basics. We love the selection of denim, T-shirts, blazers and jumpers, in particular, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve nipped in on my lunch break to grab a plain white T-shirt or a grey sweatshirt. There really is something to fulfil any and every wardrobe need. What’s more, I find the best H&M basics all look more expensive than the brand’s trend-led pieces anyway, as solid neutral colours and simple silhouettes tend to look chicer and be less expensive to produce. You certainly get your money‘s worth with luxury basics, but when you see how good some of H&M’s basics are, you might consider saving your well-earned cash.

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