19 Best Pillows on Amazon (2024) for Easy Resting

Another highly customizable option, the Nest is a shredded memory foam pillow that makes for a super adjustable cushion. You can remove as much of the fill as you want to best suit your firmness preferences, which is what led associate editor Mel Studach to dub the Nest the Goldilocks of pillows. Laundry day will also be a breeze with this cushion since it’s machine-washable.

Utopia Bedding Pillows (Set of 2)

  • Fill: polyester
  • Firmness: plush

An expert-approved, best-selling pillow doesn’t have to break the bank. For a more affordable alternative, this set from Utopia comes with two, six, or even eight pillows. They hold up well, stay fluffy, and are suited for all types of sleepers. Here’s what one happy customer shared: “These are such good quality and can be fluffed to just the right contour you need. Had them for over three months now and no issues.”

Pharmedoc Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

  • Fill: memory foam
  • Firmness: firm

Trying to catch Zzzs for two? Pregnancy sleep isn’t always comfortable, but side-lying sleepers who are expecting can rely on this top-rated pillow. While many pregnancy pillows take up your entire bed, this wedge-style option is small but mighty and will keep you cool, thanks to the removable and machine washable cover.

Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow

  • Fill: memory foam
  • Firmness: firm

Specifically designed to target body pains, this firm pillow can go under your feet or knees or between your legs for extra overnight comfort. The half-moon shape and firm, memory foam fill make it the ideal size and shape to address a variety of concerns and situations, from lower back pain to pregnancy.

Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow

  • Fill: memory foam, microfiber
  • Firmness: adjustable

Side sleepers, this pillow from Coop Home Goods has your name on it. The adjustable design makes it ideal for any type of sleeper, but it won’t lose shape over time. Simply add or remove the memory foam and microfiber filling to your liking, so you can have the best feel for your most restful sleep yet. As one of the more than 43,000 five-star reviewers said, “I really think this pillow might be the last pillow I ever need.”

Honeydew Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow

Nearly 1,000 five-star reviews agree that this unique crescent-shaped pillow is a game-changer. Made with a breathable, CertiPUR-US-certified, copper-infused memory foam filling, it’s one made for side-sleepers who run hot. So, if you’re willing to invest in a pricier pick, this could be the answer to your current pillow woes. “You’ll be thrilled that your search for the perfect pillow ends here,” one reviewer affirms.

Casper Sleep Essential Pillow

  • Fill: polyester fiber
  • Firmness: medium

For a softer alternative to Casper’s original cooling pillow, the Sleep Essential Pillow is described as a “medium soft” level of firmness. Its three-chamber design allows it to stay fluffy all night long, no matter what position you find yourself in throughout the night. Casper says it’s “made for all sleepers,” so it’s an excellent option for back, tummy, and side sleepers alike. Many reviewers agree, sharing that they’ve achieved that hard-to-come-by Goldilocks level of comfort thanks to this pillow. Just see what one had to say about it: “I have been searching for a pillow and after at least a dozen, I finally found a pillow I can sleep on. This is the most comfortable pillow ever. I can sleep in any position and still be happy when I wake up. This pillow does not create neck or shoulder pain. It is the perfect thickness and softness. The pillow is like going to sleep on a cloud.”

How we picked the best pillows on Amazon

Every selection from this list has either been tested by a Clever editor for our best pillows roundup or was recommended by doctors in our best pillows for side sleepers story. When testing pillows, we considered what type of sleeping position our writers favored and what drew them to this pillow. They then slept with and lived with their pillows for a stretch of days, assessing the following criteria.

  • Materials and firmness of the pillow: What materials are used on for the pillow cover and pillow fill? How firm or plush is the pillow? Is the fill at all adjustable to make it more or less firm?
  • Styles available: What sizes does it come in? Can you only get a standard size, or are there larger king sizes? Do they offer any firmness or plushness options?
  • Experience sleeping on the pillow: What specific sleeping style does the tester prefer, and how does the pillow compliment that?

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